(Can’t Say How Many) Cosplays That Will Make You Hot Under The Collar


May 18, 2017

The word cosplay comes from mixing “costume” and “play”. Usually, geeks like to dress up as their favorite characters from comic books, movies and video games. Sometimes, they even mix the characteristics of completely different characters to create their own unique vision of an awesome cosplay. That is why we can witness zombie Stormtroopers and Joker-esque Iron Men. Cosplaying has never been more popular than now as millions of geeks worldwide dedicate a lot of their time and money to create that perfect costume of their favorite superhero. It is the best way to be a part of that universe you love so much. You can dress up and have a bit of fun! However, these particular geeks impress us with their incredibly sexy bodies rather than intricate costumes (which are absolutely phenomenal too). So, feast your eyes on these bombshells and start making a cosplay of your own!

Harley Quinn. Check out this daddy’s little monster! This character wasn’t originally in the comics. It was first introduced in Batman’s animated series and it’s overwhelming success is the reason why she’s everyone’s favorite cosplay character. She’s crazy, but you’ll love it.

Goku. The level of hotness here is over 9000! Who wouldn’t want to have a training session with this female Goku? And don’t forget about Vegeta. The princess of all Saiyan!

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