Sink Your Claws in Logan on Digital HD May 16, 2017


May 13, 2017

Logan was probably the best way out for both Hugh Jackman, the actor who brilliantly portrayed the character for 17 consecutive years, and a huge Wolverine fan base, who wouldn’t be satisfied with anything but the best. Not after the abomination of Wolverine Origin was and not after the success of an R-rated Deadpool movie. And James Mangold with the cast delivered!

It was an amazingly satisfying movie that, despite how cheesy it sounds, did manage to subvert the superhero movie genre and bring something new to the franchise. For example, for the first time in cinema history, the main protagonist yells “Hold on!“, floors the pedal attempting to ram the fence and fails. Howbow dah?

Logan broke our hearts and made us cry, but it’s not over yet, so get those napkins ready! You’re about to go through that emotional roller-coaster once again – the movie goes out on Digital HD May 16, 2017 (On Blu-ray and DVD May 23, 2017). The disc is going to feature a few surpirises! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the disc will include the following bonus materials:

  • Logan Noir: a black and white version of the film (which is insane! In fact, the black and white version is going to have a limited theatrical release, how crazy is that?)
  • Audio commentary by director James Mangold
  • Deleted scenes with optional commentary by Mangold
  • Making Logan – behind-the-scenes documentary

In addition you can take a closer look at some of the promo materials for the Logan’s digital release:

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