Celestial Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away


April 5, 2017

Seb Janiak is a famous French photographer and an artist. Janiak has had experience directing several music videos for the biggest names in the show-business industry like Janet Jackson, Daft Punk and so forth. However, we would like you to immerse yourself into some of the most beautiful photos we have ever seen.

This particular project is called “The Kingdom”. Seb Janiak applies an unusual artistic technique – he takes a separate picture of an each individual cloud and then carefully composes them to create these , somewhat, religious masterpieces.

That is absolutely fine If you are an atheist and don’t believe in God. If that’s the case you will simply see a couple of cute clouds. But if you do believe in the concept of soul, you will be able to interpret each photo in your own special way. Personally, I feel like some of these pictures do look like a portal to heaven. What do you think?









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