The First Official Look at The Big Red Hellboy!


September 14, 2017

The first photo of the rebooted version of Hellboy was recently released on the official Twitter account of the movie. Many fans were delighted to finally get a glimpse of what they might expect with  David Harbour’s  incarnation of the Big Red. As you can see, it is still that instantly recognizable character we all love. It... View article

Leonardo DiCaprio Is the New Joker (Most Certainly Not, But Maybe)


September 2, 2017

The Hollywood Reporter has recently shared a bit of unexpected information. According to an unreliable source, it seems that Warner Bros. want to get Leonardo DiCaprio to portray the Joker for the spinoff movie that was recently rumored about. That would somewhat explain why they wanted to get Martin Scorsese on board first. The twisted... View article

Joker Origin Movie: Want to Know How I Got These Scars?


August 23, 2017

Warner Bros and DC have come with another brilliant idea! Another Batmanverse spinoff movie is in early stages of development, and this time it’s about Batman’s greatest adversary – the Joker! At this point it’s all rumors and speculation, but Martin Scorsese is said to produce the movie and Todd Phillips to direct. One would think that... View article

Atomic Blonde Review: John Wick Without A Dick


August 6, 2017

Since the first Atomic Blonde trailer came out, it was clear that this flick is either going to be the best movie ever or the worst movie. Fortunately, Atomic Blonde falls to the first category. As the title suggests, the movie is essentially about a female action hero who kicks ass John Wick style. Funnily... View article

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review – Third Time’s The Charm!


July 12, 2017

The second (!) Spider-Man reboot in five (!) years swings into cinemas with a promise of doing justice to the character of Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man, but should you see it? Yes, of course, you should! Spider-Man: Homecoming turned out to be a blast; definitely, one of the best MCU movies, alongside with Guardians of the Galaxy and Winter... View article

Transformers: The Last Knight Review – It Is Just The Worst Thing Ever


June 27, 2017

Boom! Bayham! Initially, I was quite hesitant as to whether this movie even deserves addressing and, eventually, decided to write a short review about it nonetheless, ’cause I do have a few things to say about it. Let’s start for the very beginning – the cringe begins within the first few minutes when we see Merlin the Magician (played... View article

Venom Movie Is Going To Feature Carnage As Villain


June 22, 2017

Sony has reportedly found the main villain for the upcoming Venom movie and it is going to be a serial killer Cletus Kassidy also known as Carnage. In the comic books Cletus Kassidy is a maniac, who also happened to become the host for a Symbiote. Unlike Venom, who is obviously evil, Cletus is pretty much insane and devoid of any redeeming... View article