Spider-Man: Homecoming Honest Trailer (Finally!)


November 2, 2017

After one of ‘Honest Trailers‘ creators, Andy Signore, got fired after sexual abuse allegations, which consequently led to a hiatus on all Screen Junkies activities, including the Honest Trailers, we finally got a new one released! It’s good to see that the Screen Junkies crew figured out how to move on forward, and what better... View article

With Great Power Comes Great Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Trailer


October 31, 2017

The new Spider-Man PlayStation 4 game from Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games, and Marvel has released a new trailer. The intense trailer features a myriad of characters including Mister Negative, Kingpin and even Miles Morales! Fingers crossed that Miles is going to play a major role in the much anticipated game! In the trailer, we see classic Peter... View article

(Won’t Say How Many) Realistic Tattoos That Are Inspired By Movies


October 3, 2017

Tattoos have become so popular these days that it’s become almost mundane. You can hardly ever see one that would actually leave you awestruck (’cause lets be honest – a lot of them are more of colour book exercise rather than an artwork) . These tattoos, however, will definitely make heads turn because these are inked by amazingly skilled tattoo... View article

Hello There: The Many References of Clone Wars to the Star Wars Movies


September 19, 2017

Remember how awesome Clone Wars animated series were? So do I, the show was filled with amazing stories and our beloved Star Wars characters that went on numerous adventures across the galaxy! This show actually did the characters’ justice and made the prequels just a little bit more bearable as it contained so many crucial, plot-related gems! The series was also filled... View article

Wonder How Wonder Woman Should Have Ended? Wonder No More!


September 13, 2017

Wonder Woman has probably become the most successful DC Extended Universe movie and now it is turn for Diana Prince to get her own HISHE video! While Batman V Superman were divisive at best, and Suicide Squad was a real trainwreck of a movie, Petty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman has managed to accumulate lots of positive reviews and a hefty... View article

Awesome VFX Breakdown of the White Walker Army


September 5, 2017

Game of Thrones is probably the only show that is capable of delivering movie-quality content on the small screen these days. Season 7, however, raised the quality bar even higher. As, you know, the 7th season had only had 7 seasons, which meant that there would be less filler episodes and all of the 10-episode... View article