Awesome VFX Breakdown of the White Walker Army


September 5, 2017

Game of Thrones is probably the only show that is capable of delivering movie-quality content on the small screen these days. Season 7, however, raised the quality bar even higher. As, you know, the 7th season had only had 7 seasons, which meant that there would be less filler episodes and all of the 10-episode budget would be put to good use. And it shows! In this amazing FVX breakdown posted by El Ranchito Imagen Digital we can see how the climactic encounter of Jon Snow’s suicide squad and Night King’s army came to life!

This particular video focuses on the 6th episode, “Beyond the Wall” where the ragtag band of misfits is out on a mission of capturing a zombie. Unfortunately, they find a lot more than one zombie. The entirety of Night King’s army keeps Jon Snow & Co. besieged until Daenerys arrives to save the day with her 3 dragons until one of them is mercilessly pierced by the Night King’s spear.

It is simply breathtaking to see how much skill and effort goes on into creation of these insane scenes. Without a doubt, each frame of these scenes is a true masterpiece. Check out the awesome breakdown clip below:

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