Awe-Inspiring Paintings By An Armless Painter from China


April 5, 2017

Huang Guofu is a very talented artist from China. An unfortunate accident has made him an amputee when he was only 4 years old. After being electrocuted, the doctors saved his life, but it cost him dearly – he lost both of his arms at such a young age.

However, he didn’t become desperate; he was not a helpless man. He always wanted to be an artist and even the tragic accident didn’t stop him from reaching his creative goals. Beautiful nature and his surroundings were also pushing him to master a paintbrush without his hands. Eventually he did – by 12 years old, he’s managed to paint phenomenal paintings with his right leg. But Mr. Guofu considered that it wasn’t such technique was not aesthetically acceptable, so he spent another couple of years and learned to paint powerful landscapes with his mouth. The result has exceeded everyone’s expectations!

Take a closer look at these impressive art-works:





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