Avengers VS X-Men Explained in Less Than 3 Minutes


September 5, 2017

Marvel has recently dropped a short, little video explaining the gist of an incredibly divisive comic book event called Avengers VS X-Men. Traditionally, these global, world-changing events are not as good as they’re hyped up to be. Oftentimes, they are quite underwhelming. What can I say – they can’t all be winners, it’s better to swing and miss rather than not swinging at all. In retrospect, AvX wasn’t so bad, especially when you look at the recently finished events like Inhumans VS X-Men or Civil War II. Marvel has amped up the controversy aspect even more with the most recent event, Secret Empire, where they decided to turn Captain America into a secret Hydra agent. A bold and risky move, but it did have a positive impact on the sales.

This particular event took place back in 2012 and told us a story of possible salvation of Mutant race, which, in turn, can also bring the destruction of Earth! As it so often happens in comic books, Marvel Universe’s most powerful factions jump into conclusions too fast and go head-to-head in an all-out war against each other. How’d that work out for them? Like I said, quite underwhelming (at this point, it’s pretty much a given).

Without any further ado, enjoy the abridged version of Avengers VS X-Men:

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