Arya VS Brienne Duel: Star Wars Edition


August 14, 2017

The fourth episode of Game of Thrones was a fantastic episode that featured, possibly, the greatest battle with dragons (well, just one dragon) in the history of television. Our minds were blown by all the high-quality CGI and masterful tracking shots, the audience’s hearts were torn as we all rooted for both Dany and Jaime. However, this episode had plenty of amazing scenes that were simply overshadowed by the epicness of the Loot Train battle. For example, we got to see Bran Stark creep out on Littlefinger like no one ever could with his “chaos is a ladder” remark (which is a callback to a conversation back in season 3).

Also, we had a brilliant little scene of Arya having a brief sparring match with Brienne. Arya showed off her kickass assassin moves, which definitely left Sansa and Littlefinger in awe with her newfound fighting skills. One of the show’s fans, who is also a Star Wars fan (apparently), had tweaked the scene and added a bit of Star Wars vibe to it by turning Arya’s and Brienne’s swords into lightsabers. The results are nothing short of amazing! Check out the awesome scene below:

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