Aquaman Movie Review: It’s So SoFISHticated


December 19, 2018

Although there has been a lengthy hiatus in Crossoverse activity, there’s one movie that can turn the tide and bring it all back. Obviously, the movie to do the job is Aquaman. Because it’s amazing, it’s mesMERAzing, it’s everything DC fans could ever wish for and more.

In order to properly evaluate Aquaman, it’s worth saying for the millionth time that DC movies seem to constantly catch up to Marvel’s success and replicate it. Unfortunately, the entirety of this franchise was trusted to none other than Zach Snyder (the most talented genius directer of all time), which somewhat predetermined a particular visual style and narrative to all these movies. Once the execs saw the reception and box-office results, they WB and DC decided to immediately change everything. The reactionary nature of these actions has led to even less box-office returns and DC cinematic universe is stuck in this weird limbo where no one really knows if it even exists anymore. 

So, can Jason Momoa‘s Arthur Curry aka Aquaman fix the DCEU and keep it afloat? I’m not sure. Without a doubt, it’s heaps better than the Justice League and it’s not a headache inducing nightmare that BvS was (Wonder Woman was probably better though).

So! First things first, Aquaman director, James Wan, the man behind The Conjuring and Fast and Furious 7 has managed to insert a bit of both of these two movies into Aquaman. For example, there is a great scene where Arthur and Mera are fighting off weird fish zombie people and it looked beautiful. However, there were also instances when the camera was showing the expensive locations of the movie, and those vistas were accompanied by a Pitbull song. And all of that is in between flashback of Arthur’s upbringing, and present day swashbuckling adventures. Not to mention that the entire movie is set around, arguably, DC’s biggest joke of a character – Aquaman, which is not entirely true. DC made a right call and cast a guy who looks like a thug (having Jasom Momoa as the fishman does kinda make Aquaman jokes obsolete). 

As you can see, the movie is definitely not without flaws, but it does have a lot of great stuff in it. Even not showing anything particularly inventive with underwater setting, this movie is a visual masterpiece. The movie on the whole is quite entertaining, with fair amount of good jokes in it. The cast was also doing a great job – Jason Momoa is an unstoppable charisma machine and all the supporting cast was great! Overall, Aquaman is fun, one-time ride and it will not ruin your evening (unless, of course, you think that water is evil, and Jason Momoa is really annoying – than yes, your evening will, most definitely, be ruined). Naturally, the movie gets a definitive score of rusty starfish and a trident with 5 spikes.

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