Anime Shows That Deserve Proper Live Action Adaptations


April 11, 2017

Anime is incredible, sometimes bizarre, but incredible nonetheless. We get to see super-powered creatures that can punch a planet or mentally control mankind and so forth. But it is not just the visuals that make us go crazy about them. These shows also have a gripping story to back up these insane fights. And these shows are so awesome that we want them to get the full Hollywood treatment. Just think about how awesome they would have looked on the big screen. Now that Ghost in the Shell is out of the way, what should come next?


Who doesn’t like a good dystopian future with people who possess psychic powers? Everyone does. It is hard to believe that this anime was made almost 20 years ago. And we have to admit that it was way ahead of its time. The animation was absolutely phenomenal. No wonder that this Sci-Fi flick has a cult following. Clearly it is a landmark in Japanese animation that deserve to be put on the silver screen. Hollywood has finally started to realize Akira’s immense cultoral impact as there are rumors that Christopher Nolan himself would direct the movie. The creator of the Batman trilogy, Inception and Interstellar can’t possibly let us down.

Dragon Ball Z

Let’s just pretend that Dragon Ball Evolution didn’t happen, all right? Because it was an embarrassment of a movie we all want to forget. Why? Because we want Goku to take on Frieza. We want to see everyone’s favorite Saiyan go Super. We desperately need to see him fight Vegeta. And don’t forget about Gohan – the strongest nerd in the universe. We also want to see Trunks and Goten and the whole Majin Buu Saga as well, yes please. Dragon Ball actually showed us a character that started out as a toddler, grew up to be a man, a husband, a father and even a grandfather in the final episodes. And all of that with unbelievable fights with alien dictators, robots, androids and magic powered monsters. And don’t even pretend that you’ve never tried to go Super Saiyan!

One Punch Man

Deep down we all want to become superheroes. And One Punch Man seems to have realized the dream of millions of kids. How? He trained really hard. The main protagonist, Saitama, has basically became a Superman by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and running 10 km every day. That’s about all it takes to become indestructible. Unfortunately, there is a downside too – you get bald. So, imagine a movie with Dragon Ball level fights, but it’s incredibly hilarious because our hero is kind of irritated for getting bald. Also he can’t find a decent adversary because one punch is all it takes to put them down. Eventually, he gets so overpowered that he is actually gets bored and doesn’t care about any threats coming to Earth, the only thing he worries about is the special sale day in the local mall.


Things are going to get really bloody with this one. Despite the fact that the latest movies seem to give a bad rep to vampires (thanks “Dracula Untold” and “Twilight”), we think it’s worth a try. Hellsing series tell a story of the main protagonist and an antihero Alucard. He is a vampire that will do anything to protect England from the forces of darkness. If this anime will ever get a live action adaptation, it is definitely going to be an R-rated flick. Alucard doesn’t shy away from getting his hands dirty, so this anime is full of over-the-top kills. Alucard may be a blood-sucking maniacal monstrosity, but he is an extremely likable character at the same time. The key to success of a Hellsing movie is the right casting. We think that Tom Hiddlestone would nail that this part, don’t you think?

Neon Genesis Evangelion

One might argue that we already have a movie that is sort of a live action adaptation. However, Pacific Rim only proves that people love watching giant robots fight giant monster. You should not underestimate the cinema potential of Evangelion as it delves deep into the mecha genre and deconstructs it. This show tells an interesting story about a teen named Shinji set in futuristic and apocalyptic Tokyo. The kid is invited to join the mysterious organization called NERV to pilot humongous robot called Evangelion and protect the world from Angels. Angels are the giant monsters and the vilains of the show that attack Tokyo throughout the series. These angels are, strangely enough, are said to share human DNA to the point of 99.89%. These series have been critically acclaimed and universally praised by fans. It doesn’t just deserve a live action adaptation, it deserves a couple of trilogies. Without a doubt, the fans would’ve watched this movie in movie theaters at least 10 times in a row.


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