A Few Facts To Prove That Wolverine Is A Bad Bloke


April 11, 2017

He’s totally fine with murdering children

You’d think that Wolverine is a nice guy, but he justifies the murder of children for the greater good awfully often. For instance, he was about to kill a kid who was a clone of Apocalypse. Technically, the kid didn’t do anything bad yet, but Wolverine was the first to pop his claws out. Also, he wanted to kill Hope Summers, a teenager who could potentially possess the Phoenix Force

He’s a stalker

Everyone knows that Jean Grey is Logan’s lifetime crush. It is really amazing that Wolverine can’t move on even after he was repeatedly rejected. Even when Jean got married, Wolverine didn’t stop hitting on her.

He killed his own children

Wolverine went on a killing spree against a group of “Mongrels”. He didn’t know they were his kids, though. He found out that he stabbed his own kids to death a couple of issues after the incident.

As a bonus, we might add that Wolverine murdered his spirit animal which is a panda for some reason.

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