A Few Facts To Prove That Wolverine Is A Bad Bloke


April 11, 2017

James Howlett aka Wolverine, aka Logan is a fan favorite. And rightfully so, the character of Woverine is a great visual – Logan has a bright black and yellow suit, and fancy whiskers. Also, he’s got an amazing healing factor and an adamantuim covered body with claws that can cut through anything. We’ve a lot of Wolverine-centric movies, which made him one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe. But should he be a fan favorite? These facts will definitely give you a different perspective:

He’s drowned his own son

One of the most notorious Wolverine enemies is his own son Daken, who possesses an equally effective healing factor and equally deadly claws. They fought many times. In the comics, the whole world was at stake and Wolverine actually drowned Daken in a puddle of mud, as it was the only way to break Daken’s healing factor and finally stop a young villain. What can we say, the Dad of the Year.

He killed every single X-Men

In the Old Man Logan comics, which is essentially a What If–? scenario in Marve Comics, Logan was manipulated by Mysterio who made Wolverine hallucinate that every X-Men was in fact a villain. In result, Wolverine stabbed his best friends.

He slept with Peter Parker’s girlfriend

In the ultimate universe, Spider-Man and Wolverine had a mind swap and Logan’s mind ended up in 15-year-old body of Peter Parker. Wolverine took advantage of the situation and hooked up with MJ without her knowing the truth. What a prick!

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