5 Adequately Rated Movies You Shouldn’t Miss (In Case You Did)


April 11, 2017

Unfortunately, these flicks couldn’t get the attention of the general audiences no matter how awesome these movies actually were. In result, these masterpieces didn’t turn out to be the financial success their creators hoped them to be and everybody was quick to forget about them. The reasons for these movies to flop may vary – sometimes it’s poor marketing campaigns and sometimes it’s unflattering critics reviews. But we know that sometime critics can be wrong, remember that Fincher’s brilliant “Fight Club” was labeled as ”tedious” by a number of well-known movie critics. So, we’ve decided to count down a list of awesome movies that went under your radar. So, get your popcorn ready and take a closer look at these underrated movies you should definitely watch as soon as possible.

Locke (2013)

The story is quite simple: the man drives to London to be present at a birth of a child conceived during a one-night stand. What makes this movie awesome is the fact that the lead role is given to Tom Hardy and he is basically the only face you will see in the movie. It is simply Tom’s character driving in the BMW X5 occasionally taking phone calls. Sounds boring? In fact, your eyes will be glued to the screen throughout the movie thanks to Hardy’s brilliant performance. It’s a one-man show you will never forget.

Shame (2011)

Michael Fassbander plays a character of a seemingly normal, ordinary New Yorker Brandon. He’s leading an average life, goes to work and there’s really not much to this guy. Except the fact that he is a compulsive sex addict that can’t seem to satisfy his endless hunger for sex, as can’t commit to relationships yet needs to constantly have sex, watch porn and masturbate 24/7. We don’t know if shame is what Brandon feels throughout the movie, but what we know for sure is that this movie is absolutely hypnotizing.

Filth (2013)

Detective Bruce Robertson desperately wants a promotion and he is on the case he’s determined to solve as fast as possible. The only thing worth adding is that Bruce is a manipulative douchebag that is suffering from creepy hallucinations and has more addictions that you could count. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. The title role is played by the very talented James McAvoy who pulled it off brilliantly. The movie is dark, twisted comedy that will tear your heart to shreds.

Sunshine (2007)

Before Chris Evans was known for his portrayal of Captain America, he starred in quite a few underrated, yet truly gripping, movies. For instance, “Sunshine” is a Sci-Fi thriller no one expected to be so awesome.  The premise of the movie is that the Sun is dying, which means that a team of scientist is sent out to space with a bomb to reignite the Sun. Unfortunately, the team fails and the clock’s still ticking. So, the second ship is sent in a last-ditch effort the save the humanity. Ev3erything about this movies is actually fantastic. Every actor nailed their roles, the scripts was fascinating and the cinematography deserves a round of standing applause. And don’t forget about the awesome score that’ll send chills down spine.

Snowpiercer (2013)

in a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth has become a frozen, snow-covered planet, the remnants of humanity are forced to live in globe-spinning train called “Snowpiercer”. Each wagon, each section of the train has clearly defined rules and limits. The people who live in the last wagons are basically slaves, while the richest ones live in comfortable luxurious chambers closer to the train’s engine. The main hero, also played by Chris Evans, is determined to start a riot and take control of the Snowpiercer’s engine. This movie is a real thrill ride that will keep you at the edge of your couch.

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