20 Adorable Tattoos That Will Stand The Test Of Time


May 13, 2017

These couples tattoos will definitely stand the test of life, or not! This is life, people, and sometimes relationships do not work out. It starts off pretty promising, you feel like you have finally found the right person, the relationship reaches the peak and it’s all downhill from there. All the little things that made you attracted to the person in the first place become annoying. Or, alternatively, you meet someone and live happily ever efter with that person without a single argument.

My point is that anything can happen, however, it doesn’t stop people from making a couple tattoos to emphasize their eternal love and a special bond that they’re sharing. Some of these tattoos are pretty cheesy, while others are surprisingly clever.

One of the benefits that these tattoos possess is that even if you break up with your partner, these tatts remain as clever artworks that don’t neccessarily indicate anything specific. What do you think about these unusual inks?






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