11 or 12 Examples of Shameless De-Aging in Movies


September 26, 2017

There isn’t lotta movie news worth reporting on recently, so I’d like to showcase a trend that’s been happening in movies for quite a while now. I’d like to talk about CGI de-aging of actors for the purpose of showing them in flashback scene. Without a doubt, it is nice to see Johnny Depp as a young Captain Sparrow or Carrie Fisher as a young Princess Leia, but it can potentially be a threat for future movies in general. Hollywood seems to be stuck in constant rehashes of the same stories rebooting or updating all available properties, there is clearly a crisis of creativity/ We live in an era of sequels and reboots as less and less original movies are coming out. Having the opportunity of recreating a younger version of the character for the sake of the plot is fine, what’s not fine is the possibility of watching the same established celebrity faces for decades to come. The studios can scan the actors’ faces to then, potentially, use them in future movies, even after the actor’s death. How’s that for cinematic experience? Yeah, think about all of that while you’re checking out a few examples of de-aging in movies:

Robert Downey Jr. as young Tony Stark (Captain America: Civil War)

Anthony Hopkins as young Dr. Robert Ford (Westworld)

Carrie Fisher as young Princess Leia (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

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