10 Times Superheroes Went Really, Really Bad


June 2, 2017

Dark Phoenix Jean Gray 

Without a doubt, Jean Grey was one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. However, she became even more powerful when she was consumed by the Phoenix. Enraged and possessed by the Phoenix, Jean flied off into space and destroyed an entire planet full of sentient life forms. That’s pretty evil. However, it didn’t last long – in brief moments of Jean taking control of her mind and body she decided to kill herself in order to stop this madness.

Parallax Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan went loco after the entire Coast City gets obliterated. Hal failed to save millions of people who counted on him. While trying to channel his anger, hatred and grief he kills the Green Lantern Corps and becomes the supervillain known as Parallax. As Parallax, he did some good thigs too, like re-igniting the sun, but this is probably the worst mid-life crisis imaginable. It was actually retconned that Parallax was a being that embodied Fear and possessed Hals body.


After a series of unfortunate and tragic events, Warren Worthington III, a.k.a. Angel, lost his wings. Luckily (not really), Apocalypse encounters Warren and offers him to restore his wings if he becomes one of his Horsemen. Being desperate, Warren agrees and becomes a subject of extremely painful genetic alterations. In result, he received upgraded bio-metal wings that could cut through anything. His mind was altered as well, Warren became a true supervillain and took a different codename – Archangel. He obeyed Apocalypse and wanted to destroy the world. Actually, in an Uncanny X-Force run back from a few years ago, he even ascended to become the Heir of Apocalypse.

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