10 Times Superheroes Went Really, Really Bad


June 2, 2017

We all have bad days sometimes. And superheroes experience them more often than others – they have to deal with cosmic threats, super-powered megalomaniacs, sinister tyrants and so forth. But the good thing about heroes is that they don’t let their spirit break no matter what. Regardless how bad the odds are, they know what’s the right thing to do. Nonetheless, no one is perfect, even the superheroes. Sometimes, it takes one bad day to go from a hero that kids look up to, to an evil monster that needs to be put down. Take a closer look at the 10 heroes that became the villains:

Superior Iron Man

After the events of Axis when the Red Skull had harnessed the powers of Professor X and the being called Onslaught to broadcast the hate all over the world, everything changed (again). He failed to turn the world into chaos, however, the moral compasses of many heroes were shifted. Their minds were inverted. For instance, Tony Stark became a true villain. His new suit was partially symbiote, he started drinking again and sold deadly weapons to the highest bidder. Moreover, he basically became a drug-dealer. Tony gave everyone access to Extremis through an app on their smartphones. Extremis was capable of enhancing people’s bodies. Although, the effects were temporary. After “a trial period” had ended, he charged everyone $99.99 per day to regain the perfect-body effect.

Superior Spider-Man

You know how Spidey is the most relatable superhero, because he’s quippy and always broke and all? At some point, his archenemy Doctor Octopus has managed to cheat death and finally kill Spidey by switching minds and stealing Pete’s body. In his last moments, Peter asked Otto to become a better person and Otto has sworn that he would become an even better superhero, that he’d become a superior Spider-Man. However, his methods were quite questionable. The superior Spidey was kind of a douche, as he flat-out murdered criminals, threatened and blackmailed people. Not to mention that he was big-brothering about as he sent out thousands of spider-bots to spy on everyone in NYC. As if it wasn’t bad enough, Otto’s Spider-Man was also consumed by Venom, which made him simply merciless.

Injustice Superman

In this storyline, the Joker was tired of playing with Bats and wanted to play on an easy-mode with Superman. First, the Joker kidnapped Lois Lane (who was pregnant, by the way). Then he mixed the fear toxin with Kryptonite and made Clark hallucinate that Lois was Doomsday. In the chaos of a sudden panic attack, he killed Lois and their unborn baby. Tough, huh? After this tragedy, Superman snapped and put his hand through Joker’s chest. Over the course of a few years, he became the dictator who ruled the Earth with an iron fist. Sups enforced peace on the entire planet, but stole people’s freedom and killed thousands of innocent people.

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